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All About The Astrology: - Types, Forms, Figures & Dimensions

Astrology has got many definitions but the most common one for the layman to understand it can be defined as determining the future and character of an individual by studying the alignment of the respective stars and planets. Astrology can be defined as a type of pseudoscience which is defined particularly to study own nature and character. This practice has become popular in the past 30 years and more and more astrologers are developing their skills to get into it. Many a times it is at odds with the scientific reasoning. While some people have complete faith in it and some do not. It all depends which direction you chose. It is wise to be skeptical enough and look for the rationale under anything you come across in the astrology. Faith can be the biggest tool which can help many in following this path. Below are mentioned different aspects of this vast field of astrology.

Different Types and different Ethics

Different regions have different ethics concerning the astrology. Some consider the eastern astrology as the best and it can accurately predict what will happen in the future by relating it to what happened in the past. It is common practice that you cannot trust astrology blindly because no one knows that whether the prediction done is genuine or fake..

The horoscope application of the astrology can be defined as studying their birth charts of an individual and predict the character, future and personality traits and many other features regarding him.

Arab astrology can be deemed as the immediate ancestor of the western astrology of today's era. This astrology was developed by the Greeks and is based on the principles of the Babylon. The other name of this type of astrology is judicial. Many of us are familiar with this type of astrology.

The shamanic astrology may sound bizarre but the practitioner is trained in the night sky with the sacred hymns, cycles and motions of the cosmos. It can make you learn the art and draw various complex figures such as singles, couples, nations, bodies and many others.
Holistic astrology is a means of interpreting the horoscope so that each and every aspect is covered. It is also sometimes referred to as the science of the symbols or indications. Without the presence of any concrete force or perceptible momentum the indications can suggest the course of the work, actions, timings and certain influences. Many consider it a true astrology and many do not.

Vedic astrology is complex and can be studied in conjugation with its sister studies. This type of astrology is followed by many as it not only tells about the expected actions and courses but about the remedies as well to offset the karmas which are approaching them according to the birth chart

Deeper Significance of the Astrology

There is a reason why astrology has been termed as Pseudoscience because people believe it in for the illegitimate reasons. Astrologers believe that there is a direct correlation to an individual's future with the position of the stars and planets when he or she was born. It is indeed a wonderful mix of science, art and craft. The best thing is that there are no boundaries of the knowledge and wealth in this field. If you understand the meaning of astronomy than it can be defined as the study of the moments of the heavenly bodies and then the astrology can be defined as the effects of these movements. The ancient astrologers were of the faith that the universe is divided into two parts. The superior one which was immortal ruled over the terrestrial mortal sphere.

Purview of the Astrology

strology is not limited to only love and money and extends too many other things. Vocational astrology takes into account all the things which an individual is being called to do on the earth. Many people believe in the sun sign astrology as the main component but the fact is that it is superficial and based on an ancient system that dates back thousands of years ago. Astrology can be regarded as the form of entertainment and in a way the astrologer as well as the client both are excited in knowing what lies ahead for the client. In fact the astrology is most ancient science because it traces its origin to the time when the mankind was able to investigate about him. Astrology as already mentioned is based on the position of the stars, moon and sun at the time of birth. Many have a view that it takes a full journey of the Saturn for a person to learn astrology.